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Ad hoc and other solutions

Need support during pivotal times in your life, development, and/or career? Below is a list of some of the project work we do:

Relocation – Move

Let us help you with one of the most stressful occasions in life to ensure you have a smooth transition


Have you been living in Switzerland for a long time and want to become Swiss? There are forms to complete, documents to order, and assessments to take. We can guide you through the process and ensure your dossier is complete, right from the start.


An emotional time when filling out forms and focussing on administration is an added distraction. Let us do the paperwork whilst you focus on yourself and your family

Property search

We can save you hours of research on your computer


Purchase/Lease, Sale or Import, let us help you find the best offer, organise insurance and contact vehicle licensing


Recently unemployed? We can support you with enrolling with the various cantonal unemployment offices and provide translation if you do not yet speak French

Other Small Projects

We can help you tackle all the smaller (or bigger!) tasks on your ‘to do’ list where the labyrinth of Swiss administration can prove exhausting, and the answers difficult to find